The Last Eden

When crops are outlawed, only outlaws will grow crops.


The tall, heavyset man struggled with his seatbelt, then stepped out into the softening sunlight. If the Agros hadn’t taken Sol away from her two weeks ago, Amy might not have known what to look for – the subtle 180-degree swivel of the man’s head as he took in the landscape. His nostrils flared and his eyes bulged slightly. He was modified to ferret out a harvest, any harvest sown from illicit seeds. He was trained to track it down and destroy it.

She hurried back to finish her cache, and in her panic, some of the precious seeds slipped from her fingers onto the dusty ground. Hurriedly, she stuffed the plastic bags into her bodyback and swept dirt to cover the spilled seeds. It was too much a coincidence that not two weeks after they got Sol, this guy shows.  

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